How does smoking affect your body?


According to health experts and researches it is a fact that smoking is injurious to health. It is one of the major causes of lung cancer, and leads to many other Chronic diseases. Every year around 480,000 people die from smoke related problems.

Tobacco is harmful for your body by whatever way you use it. It effects every organ by reducing your life-span and high risks of dangerous long term diseases. Today, people are using tobacco in different forms by using vapes and cigars considering that the effect is minimized. While, there are several chemicals in the concentrated-nicotine too which lead to cancer.

The tobacco packaging itself clearly mentions about the danger, and consequences of using it. SAY NO TO TOBACCO shall be the mission by dictating the facts and problems one can have by chewing or smoking tobacco. Another thing that you may be unaware of is that quitting smoking will not completely reverse the changes, but it will stop the further destruction to you health.

How to quit smoking?

When you decide to quit, it definitely is not easy.

β€’ You need to be strong emotionally and mentally.

β€’ Try keeping all kind of smoking related things away from you.

β€’ Try not to interact with another smoker.

β€’ Keep yourself busy with something, and not focus on the smoke cravings you have.

Try quitting the use of tobacco today as it is not only bad for your health, but for the people around you too.


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