<strong>Rainy Season and Health Repercussions</strong>

Rains and the unsanitary condition surrounding it bring a lot of insects and diseases.

It is highly advisable to be mindful of the following diseases:

*Skin infections (bacterial and fungal)
*Viral hepatitis due to contaminated water
*Lot of insects come out spreading dengue, viral fever etc.
*Cough and cold due to changing weather

What You Need to be Mindful of!

*Drink boiled water
*Avoid eating out or from unhygienic places.
*Take proper sanitized bath after coming in contact with rain water.
*Keep your house clean.
*Wash hands frequently
*Use precautions against mosquitoes, flies etc.

Stay Alert

Incase of emergency and situations where the patient is suffering from high fever, severe stomach aches, or diarrhea that is too loose you should visit the nearest healthcare center.


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