Hypertension A Silent Killer

The silent killer hypertension affects 1.2 billion people in the world. The disease has no symptoms and currently has no cure. It can lead to life threatening complications if not controlled.

–Tips For Control High Blood Pressure in the Best Possible Way–

You can find some perfect ideas about how to maintain your B.P:

  • Healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy, whole wheat grains, low sugar, fats and salts.
  • Walk and physical exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Managing stress by being positive, enjoying life and relaxation techniques.
  • Reducing weight to be in a healthy BMI range good night sleep.
  • No smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Taking blood pressure medicine regularly.
  • Regular Monitoring of blood pressure at home or in a clinical setup .
  • Some yearly tests are required to check for complication and heart disease risk in patients with high blood pressure

–Point to Ponder–

Taking these measures can keep your blood pressure under control so that you can lead a healthy fulfilling life. You can also stay safe, without any serious complications like heart attack, stroke or blindness.


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